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Art works


Henna Yokan


Lyrics, Maya Kuroki
Translation, Rhonda Sweder & Ian Christopher Goodman

At back of buildings
I have a fetid foreboding
that the soil of the ground will crack & open wide
and a heart will emerge from the Earth.
I can smell something lukewarm.
Petals are shouting,

pollen flying above.
Inside of fresh,
the temperature flitters around.
The ocean's pulsating waves break upon the moon.
Ancient memory from trillions of years ago wakes up
& melts every everlasting thing!
Time tic-tac passes.
Thousands of polka dots begin to breathe.
The ground shifts and rises, dum dah dah DUM!
A long-way's-away day,

tiny points grow higher and higher
until one bird flies to a branch in a forest.