maya kuroki
Photo : François Pedneault

photo:Ulysse L.B.:

Photo: Tommy Asselin
maya kuroki



14 Dec 2017



Album launch of duo “Ripplegange”, with Rainer Wiens, label Mikroclimat, DAME / Sala Rossa


6 Nov - 8 Dec 2017


Performance for Theater

"L'Iliade" directed by Marc Beauprè

Théâtre Denise-Pelletier

6 Oct 2017   Concert of JOKER-Chorus à cappella by Joane Hétu

13 Sep 2017


Nippon Shôwa Rock with TEKE TEKE & friends!




"achrome/アクローム" music duo with Maxime Corbeil-Perron for video by Fabrizio Gilardino


21 Jul - 30 Aug 2017



Art residency, Salem2Salem

at Salem art works NY




Concert - band, Onomato (with Rainer Wiens, Bob Olivier, François Létourneau)

17 June / La Passe 14 June / Cagibi 13 May / Atomic Café 





Concert - band, Rippelganger Duo with Rainer Wiens

11 Jul 2017/ KGB 5 June / Brasserie Beaubien 27 May / Open Studio of Vida Simon

3 Apr 2017 / Casa del popolo

15 Dec / Casa del popolo 11 Nov / Resonance 3 Nov / La plante




Presentation at Art residency Salem2Salem

(3weeks Aug), Exposition of songs and installation (Sep-Oct) / Schule Schloss Salem / Bodensees Germany


Concert in Film Festival Mono No Aware / Light space studio / Brooklyn NY


Concert with James Irwin / Casa del popolo, Snacks and Blues / Montreal




The Vernissage & Storytelling with paintings - Kamishibai / CLC Montreal


"Mothering Nature" Show after the Art residency at Salem Art Works / Salem NY


Band ¨Tamamushi¨ avec Alexis Farand

work in progress

14th July 2012  

Concert au

Festival Mondial de Musique des Femmes d'Ici et d'Ailleurs

at Parc Jean-Drapeau

Feb-Mar 2012


a residency at Studio 303

Work in progress

24th Nov 2011

Concert at La Elástica with David Kristien

voice impro with painting in a black light


Collaboration with David Kristian

to listen Click here

10 Sep 11


Voice Improvisation with NORTH, MY LOVE


27,28 Mai 11

maya kurokiphoto:Ulysse L.B

Eclectik11 at

MAI(Montréal, arts interculturels)


The show of ¨Mudai¨

Experimental Voice work with dancer Tomomi Morimoto without any instrument

10 April 11

Benefit Concert for Japan ¨Reactor¨,

Music and danse with Tomomi Morimoto, Collaboration with Alexis Farand (Drums, Keyboard) & Martin Gauthier (Guitar)

24 Feb 11

"Haunted Womb Tour" in the festival MNM at Casa del popolo

31 July 10

Last concert of Dynamo Coleoptera

34th Annual Powell Street Festival

Vancouver Chapel Arts


29 May 10  

Dynamo Coleoptera concert

Festival des Musiques de Création

19e édition printemps 2010

Jonquière with Pawa Up First


May 10



Workshop with Véronique Thibaudeau for the children of Barclay school, making big murals for the show

INFUSION at Festival Accès Asie.

I asked them to paint their internal self-portrait. And at the end they drew 2 big personalities, mixing up everybody's identities.

3 March 10  

Direction and scenography of concert : Yuki Isami :Branches et racines

19 Feb10  

Dynamo Coleoptera concert

talk show- Late Night in the Loft

Montreal Mirror : Artsweek - Late night Montreal online

6 Feb 10  

Festival voix d'amériques

casa del popolo Montreal

with Ian Christopher Goodman

29, 30 May 2009




photo:Ulysse L.B.


Celebration of MAI’s 10th anniversary.

Thanks to MAI (Montréal, arts Interculturels), I composed a big painting on the wall, make a postcard and do the decorations in MAI's gallery.

I also did some improvised singing to a video by Danilo Villaflor

with the super musicians known as AVATAR--Alex Cattaneo, Tom Sokoloff, Guillaume Jodoin, Erik West-Millette.


MAI (3680 Jeanne-Mance, Montreal)


15 March 09

maya kurokimaya kuroki

The edgy women festival at Sala Rosa

-the edgy challenge -

8 artists are given a theme, a prop, a sound effect, a quote, etc., 3 weeks before the show. So they have 3 weeks to make up a piece - any kind of performance or music...

Dynamo Coléoptera


Band fantasy surrealist, experimental rock-pop, in Japanese, with theatre performance.



Dynamo Coléoptera extrait from rupan on Vimeo.


Composition, guitar, voice and direction: Maya Kuroki
Drum, bass, keyboard, other instruments: François Girouard
Dance: Tomomi Morimoto
Visual-jockey: Tommy Asselin, Philippe Rivard


31 July:34th Annual Powell Street Festival

Vancouver Chapel Arts



29 May: Festival des Musiques de Création

19e édition printemps 2010


with Pawa Up First


19 Feb:

talk show- Late Night in the Loft

Montreal Mirror : Artsweek - Late night Montreal online


6 Feb : Festival voix d'amériques

casa del popolo Montreal

with Ian Christopher Goodman


14 Nov : Maison de la culture Villeray - St-Michel - Parc Extension


8 Sep :

at Lion d'or for EP launch of Caniche Hara-Kiri

10$ 21h00(open 20h00)


1 August

at Joliette L'AZILE

22h 5$


30 July jeudi :

at Quebec city LE CERCLE



16 Juillet

Quais des Brûmes


with Les syrènes


26, 27 June Friday, Saturday

Festival de théâtre de rue de Lachine – Brèves de trottoir

friday 26 June, 2009


Saturday 27June, 2009






20 juin 09

Salon Vert/Green Room(5386, St. Laurent) Fringe Pop !

23:00 Lioness + 22:00 Dynamo Coleoptera + 21:00 The Red Phone


6 juin 09

Chicoutimi LOBE: Tournoi bénéfice au projet du LOBE_2009

avec Pillow Fiht & DJ Boca


19 March 09

Mondes et singularités

Québec city


11 April 09



16 April 09

Spectacle in Vue sur la Relève at LA TULIPE (4530 rue papineau)


4 March: Sala Rosa (4848 St Laurent)


BSTB present <in the wake of HINAMATSURI> soirée du japon

with Elfin Saddle and TUKUYOMI


Thanks to MAI (Montréal, arts Interculturels), we could give a big spectacle, Tamagoléoptera, at MAI's theatre, and launch our first album in Sept. 2008! « Tamagoleoptera was created during the residency at MAI in summer, 2008 »




Haunted Womb Tour

Manège de l'utérus Hanté

Dance spectacle with music, hauted house and ritual for rebirth.

The haunted womb tour is a dance-based show with theatrical aspects, live music and installation art that tells a story of rebirth. The main concept is based on a Buddhist training known in Japan as "Tainai-Maguri", rediscovering the senses and experiencing a new birth by walking through a cave in compete darkness and silence, as if going back to the womb of the mother.
The world we have thrust ourselves into forces us to keep our eyes wide open.

The show was premiered in 2007 at the Montreal Fringe Festival and received an award from Tangente.

Coming back to Casa del popolo with the festival MNM 2011“after Hours”

24th Fev 2011


Tangente as a part of Festival Accès Asie

Haunted Womb Tour (Manège de l'ultérus hanté) from rupan on Vimeo.




May 14, 15, 16, 7:30 PM, 2009

May 17, 4:00 PM

Presented at Tangente(840, rue Cherrier, Montréal)
Billetterie : 514.525.1500
Admission : 514.790.1245

Tarifs :17 $ régulier, 13 $ réduit, 7 $ 12 ans et moins

choreography and Dancer: Tomomi Morimoto
Direction, Music, decors and video: Maya Kuroki
Musicians: Patrick Graham, Maya Kuroki
Light design: Joshua Lamb
Host: Ian Christopher Goodman
Video consaltant: Mireille Couture


critic at radio canada

The critic is at the end of the secound part (between aproximatly 46:00 minutes ans 52:40 min //




June 12(Fri) & 13 (Sat) 09
St-Flying Kidney(Maya+Tomomi)
Festival L'écho d'un fleuve


21 March 09

Spectacle of St-Flyng Kidney (duo with ardent, cutie dancer Tomomi Morimoto, experimental J-pop '70s rock) in The Edgy Women Festival
This time, it will be an excerpt from "Haunted Womb Tour" At Tangente


14 Fev 09

Spectacle of St-Flyng Kidney (duo with ardent, cuty dancer Tomomi Morimoto, experimental J-pop '70s rock) in an event called Wacky Valentine's
This time, it will be an extract from "Haunted Womb Tour"at L'Envers (185 Van Horne, between Parc and St-Laurent)