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Art works

Haunted Womb Tour



Dance spectacle

Dance: Tomomi Morimoto
Music, Direction, Performance : Maya Kuroki
Produced by Late Production



Dynamo Coléoptera



Band fantasy surrealist with theatre performance.

Composition, Guitar, Voice and Direction: Maya Kuroki
Drum, Bass, Keyboard, other instruments, and Recording : François Girouard

4,5,6,7, Stick : Fred-Érick Sauvé

4,5,6,7, Second Voice, Percussion: Etsuko Shimada

Official website


Maya Kuroki


Composition, Instruments : Maya Kuroki




Dynamo Coléoptera from rupan on Vimeo.


Haunted Womb Tour (Manège de l'ultérus hanté) from rupan on Vimeo.


Rippleganger demo video from rupan on Vimeo.


Mosquito from rupan on Vimeo.


Music improv Salem2Salem 2016 in Germany from rupan on Vimeo.


Extrait Mudai from rupan on Vimeo.


Malcom Goldstein avec Rippelganger from rupan on Vimeo.


With an invention of Patrick Coulombe

Guitare à crayon from psc on Vimeo.